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  • Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams

    Aaron is VP Marketing for FOSSA, the audit-grade open source risk management company. He comes to FOSSA with more than two decades of previous success at startups, running developer-focused marketing, and building technical communities for companies including, D2iQ, and Sun Microsystems. Aaron has also served as the founding CEO of two startups in the entertainment technology space. Aaron has an MS in Computer Science and BS in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

  • Kenaz Kwa

    Kenaz Kwa

    Kenaz is the VP Product for FOSSA, the audit-grade open source risk management company.


Unfortunately, not every team or organization views open source license compliance as something that should be prioritized. Some perceive it as a costly inconvenience that gets in the way of development efficiency and product quality. The good news: While it’s impossible to change opinions overnight, our experience supporting compliance initiatives for numerous open source projects and companies has made clear that the right mix of messaging, processes, and strategies can make a difference. Join FOSSA Head of Product Kenaz Kwa and Chief Advocate Aaron Williams in this session as we highlight learnings from working with engineering leaders who have won over compliance skeptics. We’ll share information that you can use to help make compliance more of a priority across your organization, including: Strategies for successfully implementing compliance policies - How and why simplicity is often the right approach to a compliance program - Underappreciated benefits of a compliance-minded culture - The real risks of non-compliance - How to reduce engineering time spent on compliance - Why it’s important to pay attention to community licenses We’ll also discuss how to apply these takeaways to specific areas where compliance skepticism manifests, like when organizations: - Are reluctant to create policies governing license compliance - Are reluctant to dedicate the resources (engineering time and/or automation) to manage license compliance - Have compliance policies in place — but certain teams are unable or unwilling to implement them Attendees will come away from the session with new tactics, messaging, and insights that you can present to colleagues to make the case for prioritizing compliance initiatives.