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  • Mike Petersen

    Mike Petersen

    Mike has been part of the Open Source world for the last 15+ years. He started out administering linux systems then progressed to OpenStack and is currently living in the Kubernetes world. He has contributed to different projects from Knative to Tekton to OpenStack. Now, Mike is working to spread awareness of Loft Labs, vcluster, DevPod and the Kubernetes ecosystem in general.

  • Carl Montanari

    Carl Montanari

    Carl is a Senior Software Engineer at Loft Labs, ex-network engineer, and reasonably likable guy. He enjoys being very serious about not being serious, and most days can be found working on Loft's commercial and open source projects. Outside of work he loves hiking, and working on his kit car that will, probably, eventually be complete and running... maybe.


This talk will provide guidance on how to get started with using vcluster in production. Users may have worked with vcluster for dev / test / preview environments but there are other use cases for vcluster including production environments. We will take a look at some of the considerations such as network policies and security, as well as autoscaling and other features available in cloud providers. There will even be demos! vcluster is Virtual Kubernetes Clusters that run inside regular namespaces. Virtual clusters have their own API server which makes them much more powerful and better isolated than namespaces, but they are also much cheaper than creating separate "real" Kubernetes clusters. If you are hitting the scalability limits of k8s because you are running a large-scale multi-tenant cluster, you can now split up and effectively shared your clusters into vclusters.