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  • Ildikó Váncsa

    Ildikó Váncsa

    Ildikó is working for the Open Infrastructure Foundation as Director of Community. As part of her role, she is the Community Manager for the StarlingX open source edge cloud project and a co-leader of the OpenInfra Edge Computing Group. Ildikó has been contributing to projects like OpenStack, Anuket and State of the Edge for over 10 years with focus areas of Edge Computing, Telecommunications and NFV. She is an open source evangelist and is using her experience to help individuals, companies and organizations to learn and get more involved and active in communities.


This talk is an emphasis on the importance of open and inclusive collaboration, and a call to action to ensure balance, diversity and sustainability of the global open source ecosystem. Open source is currently living through its own hype cycle with new projects and foundations popping up on a daily basis. This phenomenon is great, as it shows the popularity and adoption of the concept. And this phenomenon is harmful, as it creates a fast paced environment that leaves people, who try to participate, with a false idea of what open source is or a bad experience. This session will explore the struggles of the current, rapidly growing open source ecosystem, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, and invites everyone in the audience to participate in providing solutions to them. Do you have an experience where you didn’t feel invited to participate? At the same time, there are also examples to follow. Do you have one to share? The audience will learn about a new initiative called Community Blueprint, which highlights issues, suggests solutions and introduces good practices through individuals sharing their open source experience. Bring your story to share!