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  • Stephen Paul Weber

    Stephen Paul Weber

    Stephen is a long-time software freedom enthusiast, semi-retired from industry to focus on promoting freedomware solutions to problems faced by everyday people. Stephen currently helps run the project and the related freedomware-based telephony provider.


A point-of-view journey through the evolution of the Jabber/XMPP ecosystem from about 2004 and how it was affected by various major events such as: Google Talk, the decline of traditional IM services, the Nokia N900, the smartphone era, the rise of new chat services, and more. Learn how the extensability of the protocol comes into play as the world changes. See how one community's long-term changes may be similar to what you see in your own freedomware community. Hear the exciting opportunities we are now presented with, and how we might all work together for a more user-empowered future of communications technology.