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  • Keegan Rankin

    Keegan Rankin

    Keegan is a Free Software user and contributor, and web developer. As a worker-owner of Agaric Technology Collective, Keegan has contributed to Drupal Core, a wide variety of contributed Drupal modules, and the Drutopia distribution, among several other Free Software projects. Independently, Keegan is an amorphous person with a constantly evolving set of interests, and a tendency to make music with the surrounding objects.

  • Louis Elkner-Alfaro

    Louis Elkner-Alfaro

    Louis loves FOSS because he loves to see people empowered and he loves to see people empowered without having to pay so that empowerment isn't restricted to those who can buy it. Louis began working with Agaric earlier this year and is excited to have found a worker's-coop that centers the needs of its workers and gives their clients control over their digital lives.


Agaric is a worker-cooperative—one person, one vote. Agaric builds websites with free software and a central goal of our work is to empower people to have control over their technology and content. As much as possible contribute our code back to the community. Agaric uses Drupal and has contributed to a plethora of Drupal modules and documentation. Some highlights of our current work and projects we are involved in are Drutopia and Visions Unite. Drutopia ( is a Drupal distribution for organizations to be able to coordinate and share their work publicly. Drutopia is controlled by its users and therefore they are not disempowered and at the mercy of proprietary service providers who can take away service, raise prices, change terms and services and abuse user data. Another project Agaric is involved in developing is Visions Unite ( Vision Unite seeks to provide a neutral infrastructure for conversations and coordination to extend to many more people, as equals, than it traditionally has. Visions Unite uses sortition (random selection of participants) as a tool for participants to choose what messages are distributed to groups they represent so that quality information and ideas are surfaced in a democratic manner. Through sortition we avoid giving power to people who seek to concentrate it in their hands and instead equally spread decision making power throughout the network of participants.