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  • Avi Press

    Avi Press

    Avi Press is a developer tool author, functional programming language enthusiast, and founder/CEO of Scarf. Avi loves thinking about and discussing how people can solve problems by more effectively sharing data, and how that applies to building a sustainable open-source ecosystem. He is also a host on the Hacking Open Source Business Podcast.


Collecting and using metrics from your open source projects for business purposes is often required for the growth of your business. Navigating the ethical landscape of usage data collection in open source software presents complex challenges that businesses often grapple with, relating to privacy, security, community, and compliance. This talk, drawing from our hands-on experience as practitioners, aims to shine a spotlight on these multidimensional concerns. The discussion will investigate the responsible handling of personally identifiable information, best practices for data storage and collection, and the pivotal role of user consent. Emphasizing community engagement and transparency, we will share our learned best practices, proposing a more accountable framework. The objective is to create a more data-driven OSS community while also fostering a greater understanding of best practices to promote safer, ethical usage data collection.