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A brief introduction into how I got into XMPP, a dive into some security vulnerabilities I’ve found over the years, and an in depth look at my focus in XMPP, connectivity! After all, none of the UX or whiz bang shiny things matter at all if you can’t get connected or stay connected to the network. We’ll cover some of my connectivity related XEPs, 0368 (Direct TLS), 0467 (QUIC), 0468 (WebSocket S2s). Then we’ll head deep into the internals of xmpp-proxy, a forward+reverse proxy and general connectivity library for XMPP, written in Rust, including a few of the projects that use it so far, like Converse-Tauri. If we have time at the end after any questions we might get into my next semi-secret project based on xmpp-proxy to further enable people to connect via XMPP.