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  • Rich Burroughs

    Rich Burroughs

    Rich Burroughs is a Staff Developer Advocate at Loft Labs where he's focused on improving the happiness of teams using Kubernetes. He's the creator and host of the Kube Cuddle podcast, where he interviews members of the Kubernetes community. Rich was one of the founding organizers of DevOpsDays Portland, and he's helped organize other community events. Rich also has a strong interest in how working in tech impacts mental health. He has ADHD and has documented his journey on Twitter since being diagnosed, and he moderated a panel on ADHD at KubeCon Detroit.


Many developers are excited about dev containers, but until now, people needed to use a managed service like Codespaces or Gitpod to feel that dev container magic. DevPod is a new open source tool that allows users to launch dev containers with any infrastructure that they have available. DevPod uses a provider model like Terraform's, and there are currently providers for many different infrastructures, like local Docker daemons, Kubernetes, AWS, and several other cloud providers. It's also possible to develop providers if you don't find one that fits your needs. While you can choose the infra you want to use with DevPod, you don't have to manage it. DevPod handles the lifecycle of the infrastructure it runs on, and it can even suspend cloud resources automatically to save on costs. DevPod uses the open devcontainer.json standard, so it's compatible with VS Code and many other IDEs, as well as tools like Codespaces. We'll look at how DevPod works and get into a quick demo that showcases how it can help developers and teams standardize their dev environments.