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  • Mike Jang

    Mike Jang

    Mike Jang is the Lead Technical Writer for Forescout, where he’s helping to document their cybersecurity tools. In his past lives, he’s helped UX designers and product managers learn best practices in UI text at ForgeRock, GitLab, and Cobalt. To figure out what to write, Mike spends much of his time analyzing and testing new software. Mike has written a couple of dozen technical books, including multiple editions of McGraw-Hill’s RHCSA/ RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide. He’s also the author of O’Reilly’s Linux Annoyances for Geeks.


The tech company you've joined wants to give you a laptop for your work. Yay! But they offer only Macs. Or if they offer Linux, they refuse to support it. What do you do? This talk discusses strategies to help your companies accept and support Linux in development and administrative environments. if your company refuses to allow Linux on the "Desktop", what numbers can you put together to show how Linux is a better option? How do you show that Linux is cost-effective for users who are comfortable with it? If your company will purchase a Linux laptop for your work, but refuses to support it internally, what do you do? How do you set up a community where you work where you can support each other?