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  • Rosanna Yuen

    Rosanna Yuen

    Rosanna Yuen is the Director of Operations of the GNOME Foundation. She has been a long-time GNOME user dating back to the 0.12 days and wrote many of the card games in AisleRiot thereby earning her the distinction of being the first female contributor to GNOME. These days, she spends her days keeping the GNOME Foundation running. In her spare time, she knits and does crossword puzzles. Now, with the Crossword editor, she has started creating puzzles as well for even more word fun.


Crossword puzzles are a fun pastime enjoyed around the world. Last year at GUADEC, the GNOME Crosswords app was introduced with much fanfare. Part of this app is a crossword editor that gives you the tools to create your own crosswords. Over the past year, we’ve been trying to get a free-software crossword community off the ground. This talk will go through some of the various types of crosswords, their history, and their differences. It will cover the steps of how and how to create puzzles using Crosswords. We will cover hints on how to build grids and hopefully inspire people to try their hand at creating more crosswords we can all enjoy.