Daniel serves as the Program Director for Open Source with SLU, an academic open source program office started in July 2022. He handles the program's daily operations, builds connections with industry partners, works with internal and external clients of the program, and guides and supports graduate students. He ensures that the program follows its mission. Open Source with SLU has a three-fold mission of giving students real world software development experience, developing software that supports research, and supporting open scholarship (including open source software, open source hardware, open data, and open work) by sustaining digital infrastructure and fostering innovation. Daniel is an artist, technologist and symmathesist. With multiple decades of professional experience in software development and operations for academia, finance, aerospace, retail, and renewable energy he has maintained parallel careers as a technologist and artist. As both an artist and a technologist he engages symmathesy, learning systems made of learning parts, as a theoretical lens and an evolving pragmatic toolset for developing both people and technologies that enable them. He is also an adjunct instructor in Computer Science for courses in Multimedia, Web Technologies, Principles of Software Development, and Open Source and Community Service.


Daniel Shown