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  • Stephanie Youngman

    Stephanie Youngman

    Stephanie Youngman is a graduate of Purdue University, after graduation she spent several years at Bell Labs before returning to Purdue.  She currently works for Purdue University focused on improving course and student scheduling processes.  Ms. Youngman is a founding member of UniTime LLC, a company that develops and consults on open source solutions to advanced course timetabling and scheduling problems.


UniTime was born from a collaborative research project many years ago and has always strived to move both the course timetabling and the student scheduling research communities forward.  With the help of Apereo sponsorship we have done this by being one of the organizers of the 2019 International Timetabling Competition. By leveraging the community of UniTime users to gather the benchmark data sets for that competition, more real world data is now available and actively being used for the next generation of research. This presentation will discuss thoughts on how other open source projects could use this approach.