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  • Sophia Vargas

    Sophia Vargas

    Sophia Vargas is a Program Manager in the research and operations team within Google’s Open Source Programs Office. In this role she leads efforts that span project health, contributor experience, and open source economics. She is also on the Governing Board and an active contributor to the CHAOSS community. Prior to Google, Sophia was an analyst at Forrester Research, covering data center infrastructure and cloud strategy.


While there are many ways that projects can define and measure what health means to their communities, this talk will focus on maintainers as they serve critical roles in the development, leadership and governance of their projects. As burnout continues to be a growing issue across roles, industries and communities, losing maintainers within small communities can have significant impact on the sustainability of that project. This talk will discuss methods and metrics that could signal overloaded and overworked maintainers. While metrics alone cannot fix this problem, they may help to identify potential issues so your community can adjust before it's too late.