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  • Sam Whited

    Sam Whited

    Sam is a former software engineer who left the field to fix bicycles. He is now much happier, but also much broker. He hails from Atlanta, GA where he advocates for cycling, cyclist and pedestrian first infrastructure, expanded public transit, unionizing the software industry (and every other industry), co-housing, and worker-owned co-ops.


A brief history and introduction to the XMPP protocol and its use for beginners with a background in programming but no protocol experience. If you are new to XMPP or want to better understand the other presentations in the XMPP track, this is the place to start! This talk will include an overview of the federation and routing model used by XMPP, specific protocol examples, coverage of the initial handshake and security model of XMPP, and common uses and extensions used by the XMPP community. It will provide background information that can be used by those new to the XMPP protocol to more fully understand the rest of the XMPP track.