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  • Monica Ayhens-Madon

    Monica Ayhens-Madon

    Monica is a community facilitator and nurturer who began her journey into open source software contributorhood in 2020 with documentation and website contributions to the Ubuntu MATE team and OpenMRS. In early 2021, she began working for Canonical on the Ubuntu Community Team, where she helped relaunch UbuntuOnAir, return Ubuntu (virtually!) to FOSDEM, and launch Canonical's inclusive language initiative. She left in August 2022. Since then, she has spoken as a panelist on burnout in the community profession at OSS Europe in Dublin, been elected to the Ubuntu Community Council for a two-year term, and helped organize things like a pre-SCALE JPL private tour and the FOSSY 'Community: Open Source in Service' track. Monica's background is in academia, with a B.A. in Ancient Greek and a M.A. in Maritime Studies. She loves travel, and the chance to meet new people all over the world - and bring tasty treats back home. She is also an occasional streamer on Twitch as 'communiteatime' where she can be found playing cozy games, painting, and sipping tea. She lives with her husband and fellow geek John in the Atlanta metro area.


Especially since 2020, numerous organizations and companies have sought to make the language used in their marketing, everyday communication, and their code more inclusive. There are numerous logistical hurdles, especially when there are thousands if not tens of thousands of artifacts that need changing. But one of the biggest hurdles is getting investment in the changes beyond your DEI team, which is key to making inclusive language become the norm. One way to increase investment is to open source your glossary of terms to modify and their replacements. This talk will discuss the lessons learned from using this approach at Canonical, from initial planning to an established process. A transparent, collaborative approach can turn conflict into constructive dialogue, reduce the load on understaffed DEI teams and groups, and organically broaden the scope of your efforts. In addition to the talk, there will be time for discussion.