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  • Josh Berkus

    Josh Berkus

    Josh Berkus has been containering since containers were a thing, going back to FreeBSD Jails. Currently he works for Red Hat's Open Source Practice Office, supporting the Kubernetes project. He is the founder of Cloud Native PDX meetup group, a former CNCF Ambassador, and the recently retired co-chair of Kubernetes SIG-Contributor Experience; quite the CV for someone who started out just trying to automate database deployments. Josh has also been invovled in open source communities since 1998, and currently sits on the OSI board. He lives in NE Portland with a librarian and a very large cat.


Containers! Orchestrators! Service Mesh! Serverless! PodSecurity! You've heard all the hype from the many, many projects that call themselves "Cloud Native", but what does it all mean? Why would you want to use any of this, and what tools do you actually need, and why does the CNCF have over 150 projects? Welcome to the Cloud Native Taqueria, where your questions will be answered. In this talk, we will give you a whirlwind orientation tour of Cloud Native technologies through the metaphor of the Burrito Bar, from Kubernetes to Istio to Tekton to Knative. We'll explain each part of the stack, and why you might or might not want to use it, and how to figure out what your options are. With guacamole and sour cream. You'll complete this talk with a better understanding of the Cloud Native universe and what things you want to learn more about.