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  • Denver Gingerich

    Denver Gingerich

    Denver is a software right-to-repair and standards activist who is currently Director of Compliance at Software Freedom Conservancy, where he enforces software right-to-repair licenses such as the GPL, and is also a director of the worker co-operative that runs, a FOSS phone number (texting/calling) service. Denver writes free software in his spare time: his patches have been accepted into Wine, Linux, and wdiff. Denver received his BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He gives presentations about digital civil rights and how to ensure FOSS remains sustainable as a community and financially, having spoken at conferences such as CopyleftConf, LibrePlanet, LinuxCon North America, CopyCamp Toronto, FOSSLC's Summercamp, and the Open Video Conference.

  • Stephen Paul Weber

    Stephen Paul Weber

    Stephen is a long-time software freedom enthusiast, semi-retired from industry to focus on promoting freedomware solutions to problems faced by everyday people. Stephen currently helps run the project and the related freedomware-based telephony provider.


We often hear that the main thing FOSS needs to be successful is more money. But what concrete steps would we take if we had money? Who should we give it to and what should they spend it on? Bring your ideas to this Q&A hosted by two FOSS business leaders, who have seen what money can (and can't) do for FOSS. We will briefly describe our experiences, and then open it up for discussion to dive into actionable plans for using money to improve software freedom, through non-profit, worker co-operative, and/or for-profit endeavors.