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  • Debo Ray

    Debo Ray

    Debosmit (Debo) Ray is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of DevZero, a platform that boosts developer productivity via cloud-based software development environments. In 2013, he founded Genie, an image-searching company. In 2016, after Twitter integrated Genie into its ad engine, Debo started his almost six-year journey working as a staff engineer at Uber, where his focus areas included infrastructure and cloud security. In January 2022, he founded DevZero to fix the productivity challenges he observed in the software development world when he was a developer. He formally launched DevZero in January 2023. Today, he leads a team of 25 employees who are passionate about closing productivity gaps in developers’ current workflows. When he’s not working on DevZero, Ray enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and learning how to fly planes.


In this session, we will delve into strategies for development environments when production is running in Kubernetes. Those include local dev with Docker Compose, local dev with Kubernetes, and remote dev with Kubernetes, and their effects on the SDLC. Attendees will gain insights on: - Pros and cons of each development approach. - How to align their K8s dev environment with their team's unique needs. - Strategies for optimizing workflows with the right Kubernetes development environment choice. We'll also discuss the benefits and challenges of coding and testing in production-like environments and examine potential obstacles to using remote Kubernetes environments directly. By the end of the session, attendees will be empowered with the knowledge and tools to seamlessly transition their local development to prod-like environments in the world of K8s.