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  • Patrick Masson

    Patrick Masson

    Patrick joined Apereo as Executive Director in January 2023, serving previously as Interim General Manager of the Foundation. Prior to Apereo, Patrick served as General Manager for the Open Source Initiative after working within higher education IT for over twenty years, including roles as CIO within the State University of New York and CTO at the University of Massachusetts' Office of the President. Before these, he served as the Director of Technology at the SUNY Learning Network and Director of the UCLA Media Lab. Patrick is an adjunct instructor with SUNY Albany's College of Computing and Information and speaks frequently on topics related to open source software, open education, and educational technology. Patrick is the co-founder of EDUCAUSE's "Openness" Constituency Group and served on his local school board from 2014-2018.


Birds of a feather discussing building and enabling capacity within institutions of higher education though open initiatives. Join us to share how you and your institution are supporting and promoting (or would like to) the development and use of free and open source software, open educational resources, open content, open research, open access and journals, or any other FOSS initiative in highered.