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  • Andrew Fresh

    Andrew Fresh

  • Alexander Vasarab

    Alexander Vasarab

    Alexander has been a NetBSD user since the turn of the century with interlacing periods of professional and personal use. In the computing space, he has finally settled on the humble descriptor of "systems facilitator" to sum up his wide experience across many contexts. When he's not interacting with a topography of silicon, he is a mountain guide and avalanche educator working in the west coast states of the US.

  • Michael Dexter

    Michael Dexter

    Michael has used BSD Unix since 1991 and advanced it through fundraising, community coordination, and dozens of conference talks around the world. He has also organized the Portland Linux/Unix Group since 2009, coordinating over 150 speakers. By day Michael provides support for Open Source storage solutions for users of all sizes. Michael lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three children, small dog, and five chickens.


Come to this discussion to find out how you can get more involved in using or contributing to BSD Unix.