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  • Kaylea Champion

    Kaylea Champion

    Kaylea Champion is a PhD Candidate in Communication at University of Washington. She studies how people cooperate to build public goods like GNU/Linux and Wikipedia, including what gets built and maintained (and what doesn't), who participates (and who is excluded), and how teams succeed (and fail). Prior to graduate school, she worked in IT as a consultant, system administrator and project manager. She holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. A Linux user since 1994, she enjoys tromping through the woods, smashing goblins, and cooking for a crowd.

  • Aaron Shaw

    Aaron Shaw

  • Mako Hill

    Mako Hill


There is a huge academic community of researchers focused on FOSS but much of this work has little impact in the communities that could benefit the most from it. How can you, as FOSS community members and leaders, get the most out of research? How can you find relevant research or researchers, assess research quality, or figure out what to do with research results once you find them? In these interactive, workshop-style session, experts will help practitioners learn to search, select, and unpack research. Additional topics will include publications, journals, and academic conferences FOSS practioners should pay attention to, partnering with academic researchers, as well as practical techniques for how to apply research to your own work.