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  • Andrew Kelley

    Andrew Kelley

    Andrew is the president and lead developer of Zig Software Foundation. He has been contributing to free and open source software since university, working on a diverse set of areas: games, music software, web development, compilers, and databases. When AFK, Andrew enjoys playing competitive arcade games, skateboarding, and 日本語を勉強します.


Zig is a free and open source software project backed by Zig Software Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It sustainably funds 4 people full-time. The project is active and has a rapidly growing user base. I'll share briefly about the story of how it came to be, and then focus the presentation on what lessons I think are transferable to others looking to make similar ventures, make note of which things might be unique to ZSF in particular, and share some other observations I've made along the way, as I dipped my feet into business. In particular this talk will focus on the practical aspects of running a non-profit for a software project.