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  • Angie Byron

    Angie Byron

    Director of Community at Aiven, Core Maintainer and Product Manager for Drupal, O’Reilly Author, Mom. Hobbies include nerding out about all things open source community health and sustainability, particularly in the data space. Oh and video games. Lots of video games. :)


Drupal—an open source CMS—turned 20 years old recently, and has grown from a small student hobby project to an enterprise-grade digital experience platform running ~3% of the Internet. This talk will explore the many lessons learned (most of them the hard way ;)) in navigating an international open source developer community through various scalability challenges. Topics covered will include: * Contributor On-Boarding: Some clever and participatory ways to help new folks bootstrap quickly and feel included * Community Health: How to account for—and encourage—contributors stepping away? How to develop new leadership to take their place? * Project Sustainability: How to incentivize commercial sponsorship of open source contributions without selling your soul * Governance: What pain points emerge as you scale, what strategies help solve them, and how to “right size” your solutions to not cripple your ability to get things done * When Sh*t Hits The Fan: How do you handle a project fork? What if you need to remove a high profile contributor? Been there, done that; let my trauma be your guide. ;) * Community Bootstrapping: What if you’re *not* a project with 100K+ contributors and 2M+ users? How do you build your first 100 / 1,000 / 100K?