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  • Drew Gurkowski

    Drew Gurkowski

    Drew started working for the foundation as an intern in 2015 and continued as a consultant starting in 2018. As a marketing coordinator, he has helped advocate for FreeBSD and Open Source technology.


FreeBSD's 30th birthday offers an opportunity to look back and examine why this open source operating system has not only endured, but thrived across many organizations and use cases for so long. While open source projects are born out out different circumstances, FreeBSD certainly grew from a mold of its own. The path the project took has everything to do with its longevity and why, 30 years after it launched, you'll find FreeBSD code helping power everything from your content on Netflix to your games on PlayStation. This talk will cover the roots of the Berkley Software Distributions, the project's approach to shared leadership, the benefits of remote development, and the ways FreeBSD has cultivated a strong community through open communication, consistent documentation, and an inclusive culture. We'll wrap up by taking a look forward for the next 30 years and how you can contribute to the future of FreeBSD.