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  • Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis

    Kyle is the Senior Developer Advocate for Bottlerocket and Finch at AWS. Kyle has a long history with open source software development and was a founding contributor to the OpenSearch project. When not working, Kyle enjoys 3D printing and getting his hands dirty in his Edmonton, Alberta-based home garden.


Form follows function in writing: you compose a postcard to your Gran in a particular voice, attorneys draft contracts using specialized terms and grammatical structures, marketing pros formulate content with specific language to sell products, and you probably should write in a distinct way when the topic is open source. In this session, Kyle will go over some unique writing challenges presented by open source projects and how to overcome them to be inclusive and accurate in your communication. This session will dive into how seemingly innocuous terms and grammatical structures embed meaning that may be sending subtle, unintended messages. Additionally, time will be spent discussing how to select and use style guides to concretely establish a consistent voice and approach for both general writing and technical documentation.