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  • Richard Schneeman

    Richard Schneeman

    Richard delivers rich, immersive experiences that delight and educate. He has spoken at ~34 conferences across 17 countries, including !!Con, OCSON, and RubyConf. His philosophy, "You can't learn if you're not paying attention," produces talks that are a fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Richard is the author of "How to Open Source" (dot dev) and the creator of A free, open source tool that helps coders get started contributing. He is a Ruby core contributor and author of the `syntax_suggest`, which helps developers find and fix Ruby syntax errors. He writes Rust full-time for his job at Heroku, where he maintains the Ruby Cloud Native Buildpack (CNB). Oh, and he's married to Ruby, literally.


Maintainers all over the world are loaded. They're loaded with tech debt, support requests, and a million things to do each and every day. In this talk, we'll learn about actionable strategies for lightening their loads. And the beauty of the situation: they'll never see it coming. A lot of open source talks end with "Contributing to open source is great. Good luck." So now what? That's where this talk comes in. If you know a coder willing to contribute but not ready or able, then this talk is for you. We do this 'one last job' before I retire, and we'll be rolling in the green stuff. That's right. We're talking open source commits on GitHub 🟩. Join the crew. This is one heist you won't want to miss.