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  • Stefano Maffulli

    Stefano Maffulli

    Stefano is the executive director of the Open Source Initiative. An experienced leader of open source organizations, from non-profits advocacy groups and trade organizations to business ventures and community projects across countries. With a proven track record in community building, he’s also an active contributor to open source projects. When not basking in front of a monitor, you’ll find him teaching sailing or perfecting his pizza technique.


Following an explosion of growth in open collaboration in solving the world’s most urgent problems related to the 2020 global Covid-19 pandemic, open source software moved from mainstream to the world's main stage. In 2022 the United Nation’s Digital Public Goods (DPG) Alliance began formally certifying open source software as DPG; the European Union wrote open source into their road map; both the EU and the US began crafting Cybersecurity legislation in support of secure software - not targeting OSS as a specific concern but rather protecting and investing in it as critical to its own and its citizens’ interest. OSI has recognized these important seachanges in the environment, including unprecedented interest in open source in public arenas. Stefano Maffulli’s briefing will provide an overview of important trends in Open Source Software in public policy, philanthropy and research and talk about a new initiative at OSI designed to bring open voices to the discussion.