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  • Joel Brock

    Joel Brock

    Joel is a founding member of the Tech Support Cooperative, a worker-owned IT services co-op working extensively with free and open source solutions. The Tech Support Co-op grew around an open source Point of Sale software that was being developed and propagated throughout the national food co-op industry. The Tech Support Co-op formed among key collaborators within that software development community to address a lack of any formal support for the software, and to better coordinate future development. Joel has 20+ years experience working at the intersection of technology and cooperation. He brings a unique dedication to the cooperative business model and hopes that he can share some of his enthusiasm for co-ops with you.


Do you really know what a co-op is? Come to learn what it means to be in business cooperatively and why the co-op business model is unique the world over. And what (if anything) that has to do with Open Source software.