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  • Anjan Momi

    Anjan Momi

    Anjan is a free software hacker that was troubled by the proprietary smartphone operating system duopoly formed by Google and Apple. He learned about postmarketOS, a FOSS project founded by Oliver Smith to install the GNU/Linux desktop FOSS activists enjoy onto old Android phones. Persuaded by the ethics behind postmarketOS - Anjan uses a device with postmarketOS as his primary phone, co-maintains a UI called Sxmo, and helps improve the wider FOSS ecosystem.


PostmarketOS is a "sustainable, privacy and security focused free software mobile OS that is modeled after traditional Linux distributions". PostmarketOS protects users' rights on one of their most personal devices. However, warns that it is "for Linux enthusiasts". For the last 3 years, Anjan has been using Sxmo with postmarketOS as his primary mobile device. In this talk, Anjan shows how he does his mobile computing using a Xiaomi Poco f1 (SDM845 device) and why he can't imagine using a different OS for his phone.