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  • Denver Gingerich

    Denver Gingerich

    Denver is a software right-to-repair and standards activist who is currently Director of Compliance at Software Freedom Conservancy, where he enforces software right-to-repair licenses such as the GPL, and is also a director of the worker co-operative that runs, a FOSS phone number (texting/calling) service. Denver writes free software in his spare time: his patches have been accepted into Wine, Linux, and wdiff. Denver received his BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He gives presentations about digital civil rights and how to ensure FOSS remains sustainable as a community and financially, having spoken at conferences such as CopyleftConf, LibrePlanet, LinuxCon North America, CopyCamp Toronto, FOSSLC's Summercamp, and the Open Video Conference.


Originally borne out of a desire to use only FOSS, my refusal to carry a smartphone, or a cell phone of any kind in most situations, is perplexing to many. While this decision provides many benefits, including increased ability to focus, quality time with friends and family, and an effective opt-out from real-time location tracking, it is not widely accepted by society. This talk will explore some of the ways that society has evolved over the past two decades that make it much more difficult for people who make certain technology-related choices, and how we can be more accepting of people who make different choices than us, not just with phone usage, but in other FOSS-related areas and beyond.