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  • Alexander Vasarab

    Alexander Vasarab

    Alexander has been a NetBSD user since the turn of the century with interlacing periods of professional and personal use. In the computing space, he has finally settled on the humble descriptor of "systems facilitator" to sum up his wide experience across many contexts. When he's not interacting with a topography of silicon, he is a mountain guide and avalanche educator working in the west coast states of the US.


NetBSD isn't commonly used in a visible way today, even though a smorgasbord of modern devices are leveraging NetBSD silently and opaquely. If you would like to harness the relevant and useful capabilities of NetBSD, then a good place to start is sending all of your packets through NetBSD on your home internet connection. This talk will cover, as it pertains to a home server environment, the basic setup of a modern NetBSD installation; package management; npf, the NetBSD packet filter; and IPv6 considerations.