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  • Tom Lechner

    Tom Lechner

    Tom Lechner has been using open source software to produce his artwork since the early 2000s. He created the desktop publishing program Laidout to quickly lay out his comic books, and is currently using various open source software to work on video game projects, including VR with the Godot Engine. Tom is based in the Portland, Oregon area.


Come explore how to use an entirely open source pipeline to make games! We will discuss why one might choose an open source pipeline in the first place, including issues of source code accessibility, licensing, and ease of use. Everything from game engine to asset creation is completely possible with open source software by using tools such as Blender, Krita, Meshroom, Bespoke Synth, and more. As a case study, we will talk about how to use Godot to make a VR based game on a large rotating space station, touching on general pipeline, making Godot addons, character controllers, and VR complications.