Karsten Wade aka `quaid` is a community architect of Free and Open projects who has almost thirty years in IT. Since 2008 Karsten has focused deeply on the people, principles, and practices of Open collaboration (aka "the Open Source Way"), especially around the caretaking and stewardship of people (aka "community management".) With a kind of accidental-purpose, Karsten found himself at the crossroads of doing meaningful work having a transformational effect on others. This is a wonderful spot to be for someone who just cares so much about the welfare of you and those around you. After working in a handful of IT roles, including 21 years at Red Hat largely as a community architect, Karsten formed the Open Community Architecture Group to provide professional services consulting around Open Source. The OCA Group intends to be a sustaining business for the ecosystem and its collective of domain consultants. However, what has Karsten excited and full of awe is his new concept "Open Equity", first presented this year. Karsten expects research on Open Equity to begin soon and is making invitations to participate.


Karsten (quaid) Wade